Thank you for choosing to be a Reach The Beach Relay volunteer. Volunteers are the backbone of Reach The Beach and we know it. Along the course there are 36 Transition Areas (TA), where the runners hand off the baton to a teammate. The TAs are staffed by volunteers who manage the flow of vehicles and runners in each TA.

Each TA is identified by a number (TO-T36), location (town), and its open and close times. We require volunteers to be at their respective TAs for the entire duration (from opening to closing). Staffing these sites in shifts is also possible. The average duration of a TA is approximately 8 hours though some sites can be as long as 12 hours. Assignments for TAs will be made on a first come, first served basis. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

All Volunteers

-Will receive an official Reach The Beach Relay “Staff” t-shirt.
-Must sign a waiver of liability.
-Are responsible for their own transportation to and from their designated TA assignment.
-Are responsible for their own food and drink during the event.
-May be asked to attend a pre-event informational meeting or participate on a conference call.
-Are invited to partake in the Finish Line party at Hampton Beach.

Volunteer Duties

-Directing runners to the correct hand-off or relay exchange zone.
-Directing and assisting team vehicles for parking.
-Recording team numbers and times as racers enter the relay exchange zone.
-Assist and/or direct runners to food, water and restrooms.
-Assist in final clean up of transition area.

Volunteer Donations

We show our appreciation to dedicated volunteer groups by making donations based on the number of adult volunteers who work at the transition area. This number will vary between 8-20 volunteers—depending on location. Donation rates vary by TA site and time of day. All donations will be credited to the respective group after the completion of the race (typically within 45 days).

Some of our groups include minors. We require that all volunteer groups must have at least one adult (parent or guardian) for every 3 minors present.

Earn Additional Funds

Each volunteer group also has the opportunity to raise additional funds through food sales at the transition area. Many runners are looking for “real” home-cooked food and snacks, and would prefer the convenience of having this available at the transition area rather than searching for it along the route. Teams will receive a list of menu items available at each transition area before the race. Please note that menu items must be communicated to us no later than August 31st in order to be available to the runners at the start.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]