RTB:MA Team OffBalance Guest Post – CrossFit + Running

From now until RTB:MA, we’ll have teammates from our blogger team, Team “OffBalance”, posting weekly about how they’re fitting in their training—whether it be with their other workouts or just a busy schedule.

Today’s first post comes from Tina, Patricia and Bridget – three bloggers local to the Boston area who are balancing their training with CrossFit.

 Tina from Carrots ‘n’ Cake

It hasn’t been easy balancing CrossFit and running, but if there’s a will there’s a way! Right now, I’m running three days a week with two or three days of CrossFit in the mix.

CrossFit is a total body workout, so I’m building strength, speed, and endurance during these workouts.

My weekly runs typically include one tempo, one interval, and one long run, which is helping me increase my speed while also maintaining my endurance for Reach the Beach. Combining these two types of workout can be tough on my body, so I’ll take an extra rest day as needed.

Patricia from Run, Foodie, Run

Before I started CrossFitting, I never thought I would find anything that would come close to how I feel when I run. Since I started running in 2007, it was my top choice when it came to working out. Now, I can’t really picture a great workout without the combination of both. With that said, it wasn’t easy to balance both at first…mainly because I became so quickly obsessed with CrossFit! I also started forming good friendships at my CrossFit box, so I loved spending time there more than running alone.

However, pretty soon, I started to miss running, and when I realized how much CrossFit was actually helping me improve my running, I was re-inspired to run more and more to test CrossFit’s benefits. So, here are some ways I’ve used to balance this winning combo:

  • Registered for More Races: By signing up for more races, I knew that I had to incorporate running more into my weekly workouts, especially the long runs. When I got a bib for the Boston Marathon, I knew I had to take more time to do my long runs. CrossFit is still a huge part of my training, but I definitely have been devoting more time for those miles.
  • Incorporate Runs into CrossFit Workouts: CrossFit is all about functional movements, and you can’t get more functional than running. We definitely incorporate runs into many of our WODs, whether it be 400m sprints or even mile runs before and after a WOD. Some people also make modifications to WODs, so instead of rowing, people run. Totally fine to do that…it’s
    your workout after all, right?
  • Invite CrossFit Friends to Run/Races: the CrossFit community is so close and often times, my box friends and I end up hanging out outside of the gym. For instance, some of my CF friends have signed up for fun obstacle runs, like the Ruckus. Recently, I also formed a “6-pack team” for the Harpoon 5-Miler with some CF friends. To me, it’s just one way we can measure the progress we make everyday in CrossFit.

There you have it—I really think CrossFit and Running make a winning combination… but just like most things in life, you have to balance the two by devoting time to each one. In the end, it’s your workout and you get out of it whatever you put in!

I’ve been Crossfitting for 4 months now.  I’m hooked and I love it… the Kool Aid has been drunk.  I don’t remember ever jumping into something so ferevently in such a short period of time before im my exercise history.  Now, even with Reach the Beach only 6 weeks away, I’m still trying to figure out the balance of Crossfit with my training runs.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that Crossfit still has that new and exciting feel to it… I don’t want to cut back!  But on the other hand, I know my body and I know that I need to get in those runs.

Currently my plan has been to maintain Crossfit 3-4 times a week, as I had before, andget in a longer training run on the weekends.  When I trained for my very first half-marathon last year, I was having some issues with plantar faciitis so I had cut out my shorter mid-week runs, leaving just my long runs, so that I wouldn’t be running too much on my foot.

I was just looking to be able to (somewhat) comforably finish the half-marathon, not go for any particular times, and I did just that.  So, for me, I know my most important training goals are to make sure I get in the longer training runs once a week.  I’m confident that those runs, plus the metabolic conditioning aspects of Crossfit will be enough to get my through my 3 legs and Reach the Beach!

Reach The Beach Massachusetts (RTB:MA) 2012 is on Friday May 18 and Saturday May 19. Teams of 6 or 12 athletes run 200 miles across the state to arrive at the beautiful Cannon Beach for food, beer, medals and a lifetime of memories. Registration is still open and it’s definitely not too late to get a team together and join us. ALL running abilities are welcome and catered for. Details here – http://ma.rtbrelay.com/

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