Captain’s Blog: There’s Always Next Year

A couple weeks ago I mentioned how many excuses I heard when recruiting for last fall’s New Hampshire Reach the Beach. I’m getting ready to start filling out my roster for this spring, so I figured I’d revisit some of those candidates from last year. Thanks to the wonders of Gmail’s search function, here are some of my favorites:

  1. “I… think that it might be bad form to cancel my classes so soon into the semester.”
  2. “I damaged a meniscus on the boat this summer.”
  3. “I went to dr. this week and was told not to run for 30-60 days. I’m sorry buddy.
  4. “No way that I can run… To many pounds, injuries and too little fitness.”
  5. “i have reverted back to non-runner. in the event you are desperate enough that my non-runner status does not actually disqualify me, it turns out i will actually be in france for work that week.”
  6. “okay…after more sober reflection, I’m out.”
  7. “there’s just not enough time to crowbar this into the schedule this year.”
  8. “I’m starting at a new school, we’re about to move into our first house, and I had surgery for a meniscus tear in May. Although I’ve been able to run on it, I have no confidence in being able to do three legs up there. Hopefully, next year I’ll make it.”*

Weddings, presentations, injuries, vacations, new jobs. People had a lot going on last fall, but many of them had something in common—not much planned yet for 2012. Tacked onto the ends of their emails were notes like “Perhaps next year?” “Keep me in mind for other years.” “Maybe next?” “Maybe next year!”  “When you get to thinking about RTB 2012, keep me in mind.” Mid-May might seem a long way off, especially with winter just now settling in here in the northeast. But that’s no reason to put off your recruiting. The sooner you invite people, the more chance they have to avoid conflicts. Or the more time they have to develop elaborate excuses…

*When I complimented him on his three excuses, he replied with “I have a fourth I didn’t even drop…a wedding that weekend!”

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  1. h says:

    5 and 6 are my favorites.

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