Running 20 hours in a “24 hour relay” – we speak with RaceMenu, the winners from RTB:MA 2011

RTB:MA 2012 will be the second year of running this event and we can’t wait for it to start. We design our races to appeal to runners of all ages and abilities which means there’ll always be some pretty fast folks out there including a team from last year’s winners – Team RaceMenu.

We caught up with one of their runners, Jason Bui, who spoke about the experience. His words are below.

We had quite a roster last year. I think the qualification to run on last year’s team was to have a good sense of humor and a sub 1:20 half marathon time.

Our finish time was 20 hrs 2 mins and 56 secs for an average pace of 5:59 per mile. Our goal near the end was to try to break 20 hrs, but obviously, that didn’t happen. I think we passed the very first team that started the race, about 6 hrs before us, around 2AM, so we didn’t have anyone to catch for about 6 hours of the race.

Everybody on the team was a superstar. We actually came down with a couple of injuries near the end and a couple of folks stepped up and ran additional legs! One of our runners, Ruben, had won the New Bedford Half Marathon a couple of months earlier with a 1:05 half marathon time and pretty much everybody else on the team also ran New Bedford with a sub 1:20 time. Ruben then focused his attention on qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Marathon for his home country by running 2:18 in Rotterdam. I believe his plans have since changed due to some injuries, but he’s back on the scene. Ruben’s been going head-to-head with another RaceMenu team member, Nate Jenkins, at a couple of local races.

Some other notables:

Reno Stirrat – One of a handful of people ON EARTH to break 2 hrs 45 mins in the marathon distance over 5 decades!

- Brad Mish - RaceMenu accountant who ran a 2:32 in his marathon debut! winning the Clarence De Mar marathon in 2011.

- Alain Ferry – Co-Founder of RaceMenu

A lot of the runners from last year can’t run in RTB:MA 2012 due to a USATF track meet at the same time but the sense of humor qualification still hold’s true for this year’s team, although we’ve now included a bigger part of the the RaceMenu family. I’m sure this year’s team will represent us just as well as any other team, competitive or not, could.

I’m curious to see what will be born from this year’s crop of RaceMenu runners and can’t wait to hear the stories. I’ve personally now completed 5 RTB’s in total (4 NH and 1 MA), and thoroughly enjoyed both courses. I especially enjoy chatting it up with the volunteers on the course who definitely make these races possible. It always amazes me to see your volunteers at 2AM and see that they’re just as energetic as those volunteers that I saw at 2PM!

I’ll most likely come back in the fall in order to get my yearly helping of RTB madness. Can’t live without it!

(edited for length by Martin of RTB)

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